ESC/POS printing by bridging (React Js + Flutter)

In this blog, we will discuss the implementation of pos printing in react js app and communicate with flutter app to print the receipt. Here there are two parts. Sending buffer data from reactjs Receiving buffer data from flutter app and sending it to pos printer. Before diving into details, first of all we have […]

How OOP works in JS (Part 1 – Prototype and Prototype Chaining)

How OOP works in JS

Before starting we have to keep in mind that Javascript is not a class-based object-oriented language. Javascript is a prototype based language. Lets see the definition of Class based language and Prototype based Javascript. In the future, a blog will be written discussing the difference between Class based language and Prototype based Javascript. According to […]

Kick Start Your JavaScript Career

JavaScript Bootcamp by dVivasoft Lt

JavaScript is one of the most popular and widely used programming languages in the world right now. It’s growing faster than any other programming language, big companies like Netflix, Walmart, Paypal, build entire applications around JavaScript. So, it’s a great opportunity to get a good job learning JavaScript. You can work as a front-end developer […]