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We discuss important topics of Python that Python Programmers should know. No prior experience is necessary to get started.

List Python Bootcamp


Python list is one of the most flexible data types that enables us to interact with several elements simultaneously.

String Operations Python Bootcamp

String Operations

A string in Python is a collection of characters. Python offers a lots of method to manipulate strings.

Dictionaries Python Bootcamp


An unordered collection of elements is a Python dictionary. Items of a dictionary  contains  a key-value pair.  When the key is known, dictionary retrieval is optimized.

Conditional logic

Conditional logic

Programmer depends on various conditions to handle different requirements. Where , Conditional Logic comes to play.

Loop Python Bootcamp


Loop is usually used to traverse through the iterable objects. Python supports every basic kind of loops like other programming languages. Moreover, It supports handy way to iterate like list-comprehension

Functions Python Bootcamp


A function is a block of code which only runs when it is called. You can learn about from basics to advance concepts regarding python function here.

Classes and objects Python Bootcamp

Classes and objects

In Python, object-oriented Programming (OOPs) is a programming paradigm that uses objects and classes in programming. It aims to implement real-world entities like inheritance, polymorphisms, encapsulation, etc. in the programming.

Error and exceptions Python Bootcamp

Error and exceptions

Errors detected during execution are called exceptions and are not unconditionally fatal . Python offers a wide range of error and exception handling . You will soon learn how to handle them in Python programs.
python project Python Bootcamp


Some projects have been added here to practise the concepts those you’ve learned through this bootcamp!

What is Python ?

Python is a general-purpose programming language and can be applied almost anywhere that uses data, math, or lines of code. Python is commonly used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and perform data analysis. Additionally, Python is a multi-purpose language used to create various programs and is not specialized for specific problems.

Python Python Bootcamp

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The community hosts conferences and meetups, collaborates on code, and much more. Python’s documentation will help you along the way, and the mailing lists will keep you in touch.


The Python Package Index (PyPI) hosts thousands of third-party modules for Python. Both Python’s standard library and the community-contributed modules allow for endless possibilities.


Python is developed under an OSI-approved open source license, making it freely usable and distributable, even for commercial use. Python’s license is administered by the Python Software Foundation.

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Python is a text-based computer programming language used to make dynamic web pages. A must-learn for aspiring web developers or programmers, Python can be used for features like image carousels, displaying countdowns and timers, and playing media on a webpage.

With Python online classes, you can learn to build interactive web applications, choose the best framework, and work with other programming languages like HTML and CSS.

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