Top 9 Practical Benefits Of Using Java Web Application

java web application

Java web application frameworks have one of the greatest and largest communities of software engineers in the world. Companies can build a team with the help of this community at ease. There are different communities to help beginners, intermediate as well as expert developers.

Understanding the TLS Handshake: Way to HTTP Secure

HTTPS and TLS Handshake Explained

For a long time, HTTP was the standard protocol for the world wide web. But this protocol communicates in plain text. So, if someone can intercept the communication channel. HTTPS was introduced to address these issues of data integrity and privacy. In this article, I will mostly talk about Certificate validation and Key exchange. The […]

Golang Mistakes: #2 Misusing Init() Functions


As Go developers, We find many built-in features handy when we are coding in a real life. But we sometimes forget, using those built-in features too extensively which may lead to certain pitfalls. Most of the time, these pitfalls occur when we misuse those features. Let’s discuss a built-in feature of Golang which may lead […]

Efficient way to handle Procedures, Views, Functions in EF Core

Entity Framework Core Logo Efficient way to handle Procedures, Views, Functions in EF Core

Sometimes we need to write new Functions, Views and Procedures or use existing ones. In the past, EFCore hasn’t had a super nice way to handle non-table database structures. Therefore, in order to work with non-table database objects in EFCore5 code first implemented some new functionality around some of these items, including the ability to […]

Go Pointers – Immutability Vs Efficiency

go pointers Go Pointers - Immutability Vs Efficiency

Pointers are a fundamental and necessary aspect of Golang. They allow us to manipulate memory and data structures from a simple level, without needing to know the specifics of some more abstract data structures. This article will cover Go pointers, their use in stacks and heaps, immutability vs efficiency as well as pointer types (primitives […]

Golang Mistakes: #1 Maps and Memory Leaks

imgpsh fullsize anim Golang Mistakes: #1 Maps and Memory Leaks

When it comes to software development we always want to ensure our code never uses excessive memory when a function finishes its work. That’s why some of the language features like garbage collection (GC) were implemented so that memory leaks do not occur. Also as a beginner software engineer, who just learning to code in […]

Guideline for switching to GoLang from other Programming Languages

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Not just Golang, but for learning any programming language, one should be aware of basic concepts like data types, variables, branching, looping, functions, etc. If you are familiar with the C language, learning Golang will be very easy. The syntax of Golang is somewhat similar to the C language. However, switching from other programming languages […]

Power Apps: Custom REST API Connector

featuresimg Power Apps: Custom REST API Connector

With custom connectors, we can utilize existing REST API services or create new APIs to expose complex server-side operations that are not available with the out-of-the-box connectors. In this case, we’re dealing with a middle-tier architecture where Power Apps is used as a UI layer. This architecture also offers flexibility. In general, as the complexity […]

Microsoft Power Platform: Power Apps

image 2022 09 30T05 09 45 886Z 1 Microsoft Power Platform: Power Apps

Microsoft Power Platform is a group of business intelligence, app development and app connectivity software applications. Power Platform integration lets us create apps and flows by using the new Power Platform environment that is automatically created for you. Integrate finance and operations apps data with the Dataverse platform by using virtual tables, business events, and […]