Golang Mistakes: #2 Misusing Init() Functions


As Go developers, We find many built-in features handy when we are coding in a real life. But we sometimes forget, using those built-in features too extensively which may lead to certain pitfalls. Most of the time, these pitfalls occur when we misuse those features. Let’s discuss a built-in feature of Golang which may lead […]

Go Pointers – Immutability Vs Efficiency

Pointers are a fundamental and necessary aspect of Golang. They allow us to manipulate memory and data structures from a simple level, without needing to know the specifics of some more abstract data structures. This article will cover Go pointers, their use in stacks and heaps, immutability vs efficiency as well as pointer types (primitives […]

Golang Mistakes: #1 Maps and Memory Leaks

When it comes to software development we always want to ensure our code never uses excessive memory when a function finishes its work. That’s why some of the language features like garbage collection (GC) were implemented so that memory leaks do not occur. Also as a beginner software engineer, who just learning to code in […]

What is Docker


Docker is an open-source, container technology that allows developers and sysadmins to package applications so that they can be easily moved from one environment to another. This includes their dependencies, libraries, the code itself, and more. Docker’s use cases are limitless. It can be used as a way to deploy web applications, set up development […]

API vs SDK: What’re the differences?


As beginner software engineers, we always start with a good understanding of the basics. Like other beginners in any field, we sometimes get confused by technical terminologies. What is an API and what is an SDK? Every programmer needs to understand how APIs and SDKs work together with their respective systems. APIs and SDKs are […]

What is REST API?

what is rest api

Let’s go through an example to understand what a REST API is. Let’s say that we work for a cloud kitchen and we want to build a web application that can give you how much stock particular items suppose ice cream flavors are available and the worker working on the physical location of the kitchen […]

Generics In Golang 1.18

When we start using Golang, The simplicity of the language and its awesome way to handle threads(goroutine), and also its speed, make us happy that our code works so fast that sometimes the result came within a nanosecond(ns). Apart from these good sides when we work on a project we sometimes copy-paste lots of code, […]

Apache Log4j aka Log4Shell Vulnerability – Remote Code Execution

Critical Severity Web Vulnerability When it comes to open-source projects there is a general assumption, as it’s an open-source project, many members(sometimes a lot) are watching and constantly reviewing this codebase so it should have fewer errors and vulnerabilities. But it’s normal for us programmers to make mistakes. This article discusses a recently found vulnerability […]

A Smart Way To Store Weekdays In Database

Optimization techniques for fast query When we work on a specific problem, We first think of the solution for the worst-case scenario which leads to a brute force approach to solving the problem. This is OK most of the time, as we don’t get much time to think about an optimal solution due to tight […]

Adding Health Checks And SSL Certificate in Kong Db-Less Mode

Recently I was working on an open-source project on my current company where all requests come to the API gateway service then the gateway redirects the request to the appropriate service based on the URL pattern. Those who work with Gateway services know there are many of them out there to choose from, e.g. Amazon […]