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How to use Event Aggregator in Aurelia

In a frontend Application we sometimes need to send some message or notify other components to update UI based on some data. We can achieve this using Event Aggregator in Aurelia. I will try to show you how it works. We need to use Dependency Injection here. This is a way to create a singleton […]

Configuring Aurelia Router and Its Basics

Routing is necessary for users to navigate through the whole web site. To make SPA project routing in frontend is must. Configure aurelia router in a aurelia project is pretty easy. First Create a fresh project using aurelia-cli. Check out this post how to do that. To configure router we need to add configureRouter method in […]

Getting Started with Aurelia

In VivaSoft Limited We have some Clients who want to develop their project using aurelia in the frontend. So recently I have learned Aurelia to work with a Client. It is similar with Angular and VueJS. Here I will try to show you how to start a project with aurelia and its basic structure. Aurelia […]