API Versioning in ASP.NET Core

In this article, we’ll discuss API versioning and implement it in ASP.NET Core 6 step by step. Source code for this article is available on github We will cover the following: API Versioning – What & Why? When to Version API Query Parameter Versioning URI Versioning Custom HTTP Header Versioning Content Negotiation Versioning (Media Versioning) Combining […]

Data Analysis for finding the best venues in Dhaka, Bangladesh

1. Introduction: Business Problem 1.1. Exploring the best venues in Dhaka, the Capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. More than 19.5 million people live in Dhaka. It is the most densely populated city in the country spanning 306.38 square kilometers – about 118.29 sq miles [1]. The rich traditions and the interesting history […]